Word Finding Exercise Video

If you carry out a consistent routine of effective exercises, you will learn new ways to find those missing words!.

Like any other skill, daily practice will increase your skill level.

The word finding activities include: Familiar Phrases, Short Sentences (fill in the missing word), Object Naming, Naming Animals, Naming Places, Naming Occupations, Naming Categories, Naming parts and wholes, and Picture Naming.

Here is a quick clip of warm-up exercises from our video of
over 50 minutes of word finding exercises:

Practice everyday and you WILL find those words!

Word Finding Exercises: DVD $29.95


Word Finding Exercises on DVD is a collection of professional therapeutic activities that you can practice everyday.

Strengthen your word finding skills with our easy-to-use method!

Effective speech and language therapy is no longer an expensive option. The opportunity to improve your word finding difficulty now available to you at an affordable price.