Customer Testimonials

"My wife’s speech therapist wasn’t sure if the videos would work. But, after seeing the way it was presented and how my wife responded to it, she was very happy. We can still afford therapy twice a week, but the videos are working great for the 'days off.' I’m seeing the results and I’m very happy with my purchase."
- Robert Kuefer
Clearwater, FL

"I could tell right away that the exercises were professional. I was always with my father when he received speech therapy in the hospital so I knew what to look for. This was a great idea and it was done the right way. I’m glad to see that you guys are out there and offering us a product that truly has quality. You should be proud."
- Bo Prost
Crestwood, MO

"My husband’s speech has improved since we bought the oral motor and speech videos. Being able to practice everyday does make a difference and we are grateful to you for putting the exercises on a DVD."
- Janet Hanson
Bristol, TN

"The girl on the speech therapy video is wonderful! So pleasant and positive. I wish we could’ve had her for therapy in the Rehab Center!"
- Marge Stangenetti
Lake Stevens, WA

"Most people don’t know that aphasia is a 'language disorder' and not a speech problem. Thank you for not making just 'speech' videos and giving stroke survivors the chance to practice their 'language abilities.' These have been very helpful."
- Ralph Bowne
Stoneham, MA

"My husband had a pretty bad stroke seven months ago. Our kids live far away (Illinois) and visited us right after the stroke. They were back last week and are amazed at how much their father had improved. Our speech therapist and your videos have been wonderful together! Speech therapists are wonderful people!"
- Anne Norman
Atlanta, GA

"A great product, sincerely easy to use, inexpensive, and it works! This has got to be the best value in any medical field around. And, the nicest people to talk to in the medical field too! Thanks for your help!"
- Rebecca Perez
Howell, NJ

"I didn’t know what speech therapy was about, but I fell off scaffolding and had a head injury. I thought it was for children (speech therapy). I have respect for what you do and I have respect for the DVDs. Thank you very much."
- Bill Montraub
Trumbull, CT

"Therapy was getting boring for my daughter. I was thrilled to watch her sit on the couch and show some interest when she went through the exercises on the video. It’s exciting to see her pursue speech practice again. Since she can practice as much as she likes she is sometimes using the video two times a day. That was a shocker. I guess because it’s on video and she can control it she likes it again. This was a great idea."
- Rose Pretoro
Woonsocket, RI

"I appreciate your efforts. Many thanks and congrats on such a great product."
- Angelo Boustami
Jackson, NJ

"Your website is a godsend. Thank you for providing so much information on stroke, aphasia and dysarthria. After researching the Internet for weeks your website explained everything simply in a few pages. Your oral motor video and language exercises are another blessing. My husband’s speech wasn’t getting any better after a few months. The practice everyday took some time, but it’s finally making a difference. Thank you for everything."
- Anna Benfuccoli
Barre, VT

"Thanks for your help choosing the right video. Brian was a pleasure to talk with. I’m happy I can see my husband practice five times a week now. He still fights with me on the weekends though. He likes his time off. But he’s doing so much better I don’t mind."
- Kim Creedmal
Los Angeles, CA

"TBI was life changing to my son, not to mention me and my husband. Anyone that has gone through it knows exactly what I mean. They will also know the constant fights with the insurance companies. These videos were an affordable way to give my son the speech therapy he needs. We are very grateful for all you’ve done for us."
- Carla Ruzicki
Binghamton, NY

"I am very impressed with your speech and language videos. I found the therapy to be very helpful. I will recommend your videos to anyone I know that has had a stroke."
- Carl Schatz
Lancaster, PA

"If you are serious about improving your speech, then the speech videos are a great investment, a must have resource for any one looking to go the extra mile to help their parents (or others). It combines therapy that works with an easy way to use it. I highly recommend it."
- Kerry Lath
Lansing, MI

"I would just like to thank you for the work that you do and for doing it so well. Your therapy on DVD gave me the chance to practice my speech again. Thank you all so much!"
- Kintan Bonjani
Fremont, CA

Thank you to all our customers who took the time to write us. We greatly appreciate your time and contributions.

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