Is Your Child's Speech
Hard to Understand?

Speech Therapy for Children:

Our ability to speak is often taken for granted. We speak so often – so effortlessly – that we rarely take a moment to think about the process. However, for a young child with a speech disorder, that very process is difficult and frustrating.

When children are unable to express their thoughts and feelings they will experience difficulty developing relationships with their peers and siblings. Even worse, you as their parent have difficulty understanding their needs and emotions.

It’s extremely frustrating and upsetting to watch your child struggling with something that comes so naturally for many children. Especially when they are bright in so many areas.

That is why speech therapy for children is extremely important. Many young children become frustrated as they attempt to communicate with others and find that they are not understood.

Teasing from peers will also affect your child's willingness to speak in and out of the classroom.

Sammy Speakwell’s™ Oral Motor Exercises for Kids is the first therapeutic DVD created by speech-language pathologists that targets a key area in children’s speech therapy: Oral Motor Skills!

Speech Therapy for Children

This professional DVD is comprised of a variety of exercises specifically designed to improve tongue, lip, and oral facial muscle coordination. Your hosts, Sammy Speakwell™ and Kelly Anne deliver established oral training techniques in this fun and motivating episode!

It features playful sound effects, motivating music, and best of all, the cherished mascot of children’s speech therapy: Sammy Speakwell™!

Speech Therapy for Children

"My child is creative, bright, and energetic, but has difficulty expressing themselves." Does this sound familiar? It should ...

Many children experiencing difficulties with their speech are described as inventive, intelligent, and sometimes, bored. They have trouble with one area that causes extreme frustration - their ability to be understood.

If you could eliminate your child's frustration - the behavior
that leads to acting out - your child could spend all that
creative energy on learning.

That is why speech therapy is so important to your child. Through speech therapy your child's speech disorder can be treated and remediated with success.

One of the methods used in children's speech therapy is known as;
Oral Motor Therapy. This type of therapy involves increasing a child's awareness of their oral postures.

Understanding and sensing how their lips, tongue, and jaw
interact to form sounds for speech is very important in speech development.

Speech Therapy for Children

Oral Motor Exercises are a set of speech therapy exercises that focus on improving the muscle coordination of:

  • the lips
  • the tongue
  • and the jaw

Through a series of specific exercises children are able to develop better oral motor skills which enhance their speech production.

Oral Motor Exercises for Children

This one-of-a-kind DVD includes:

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  • 10 lip exercises
  • 9 tongue exercises
  • 6 rapid rate exercises

Sammy Speakwell™ and Kelly Anne interact with your child as they explain and demonstrate 25 different oral exercises that they will easily follow along with.

Each specialized exercise teaches your child clinical therapeutic methods to improve their oral motor coordination.

I Love Sammy Speakwell!™

We guarantee your child will absolutely adore Sammy Speakwell™. You’ll be amazed at how closely your child follows the directions and practices every exercise.

Don’t be surprised to catch your child practicing the exercises long after the DVD is over!

Sammy Speakwell’s™ Oral Motor Exercise Video isn't just a program kids watch - it's a follow-along and play-along experience! Sammy’s exercises promote oral motor improvement through participation.

Sammy Speakwell’s™ Oral Motor Exercises turns ordinary speech therapy for children into a fun, exciting, and motivating experience!

This innovative video will motivate your child, build their self-esteem and make learning an enjoyable experience!

With Sammy’s new Oral Motor DVD your child can:

  • Practice professional oral motor therapy everyday!
  • Enhance the coordination of their lips, tongue and jaw
  • Improve their speech skills and their ability to communicate!

Designed by a team of Speech-Language Pathologists, this video provides children the basic oral skills necessary to demonstrate better speech.

Featuring a combination of live-action, puppetry and animation, this episode teaches children a series of fun exercises professionally used to improve oral motor coordination.

The Oral Motor Exercises Include:

  • LIPS: Open and Close, Lip Press, Pucker, Big Smile, Big Smile and Pucker, Pucker and Kiss, Open Mouth Pucker, Cheek Lift, Nose Scrunch, and The Cork-Pop.
  • TONGUE: Tongue Reach, Pasted Tongue, Side-to-Side, Tongue Up, Tongue Down, Tongue Up and Down, Lick you Lips, Fat Lips, and Tongue-in-Cheek.
  • RAPID RATE REPETITION: The “Puh” Exercise, The “Tuh” Exercise, The “Kuh” Exercise, The “Puh-Tuh” Exercise, and The “Puh-Tuh-Kuh” Exercise.

Speech Disorders in Children

Children may face an array of speech problems which include:

  • Developmental Apraxia
  • Phonological Processes
  • Articulation Disorders
  • Dysarthria
Developmental apraxia or childhood apraxia is a disorder which effects a child's ability to plan and accurately execute what they want to say.

They are unable to transmit clear directions from their brain to their oral muscles on how to move. As a result, a child with this speech disorder will have difficulty carrying out voluntary oral muscle movement.

When messages from the brain become interrupted the child gropes for the correct lip, tongue and jaw sequences necessary to produce clear speech. It is important to note that developmental apraxia does NOT involve muscle weakness.

Our verbal apraxia page explains this speech disorder in more detail.

Phonological Processes is the term used to describe developmental delays in speech production. All children go through a normal process of speech development in which they make appropriate mistakes.

These mistakes are a natural way of learning and testing how speech sounds are produced. Through listening to adults speak and testing their own sound systems children learn how to produce intelligible speech.

However, there is a time limit on acquiring sounds. This time limit is set by averaging the time it takes the majority of normally developing children to acquire speech sounds.

For example, the /n/ and /m/ sounds are typically mastered by the majority of children between the ages of 2 and 3.

If a child continues to make sound errors past the age at which those sounds are expected to be mastered, then they are said to have a phonological process.

Phonological processes are considered conceptual in nature. These children have speech problems due to their inability to effectively learn and organize sound patterns.

Articulation Disorders or Functional Speech Disorders are identified as difficulty producing a specific sound or group of specific sounds. The sounds typically involved in articulation disorders are /l/, /r/, /s/, /z/
and /th/.

Lisping is an example of an articulation disorder. Functional speech disorders such as lisping, involve difficulty with strength and coordination of the articulators.

Dysarthria is a neuromuscular impairment. It is due to paralysis or weakness of the oral muscles. There are several types of dysarthria.

This speech disorder in children is often the result of disease, such as MS or CP, but it can also be acquired due to a head injury or stroke.

Know your rights as a parent when your child is ready to enter school. Speech therapy for children with special needs is usually an entitled special service or accommodation through the public school system.

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Speech Therapy for Children

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