Oral Motor Exercise Video

Oral motor exercises are used in speech therapy to develop oral speech movements. This professional DVD is comprised of a variety of exercises specifically designed to facilitate improved tongue, lip, and oral facial muscle coordination (approximately 35 minutes).

The key to long term benefits from these professional exercises is CONSISTENCY (practicing everyday)!

These professional Oral Motor Exercises are now available on DVD to aid individuals demonstrating speech disorders that would benefit from oral motor therapy.

Close up views of each exercise are utilized to insure accurate modeling:

Improve Your Oral Coordination with Daily Practice!

Oral Motor Training DVD: $29.95


Professional Oral motor therapy is now an affordable option.

You can now enhance your speech therapy and by owning a complete collection of these widely-used, professional exercises. This convenient method allows you to practice as much as you'd like - any time of day!

Let our Oral Motor DVD provide you with the essential exercises necessary to improve your oral motor coordination!