Language Activities Video
Level Three

The key to long term benefits from speech and language therapy is consistency.

Like any other skill, daily practice will improve your ability to use and understand language!

The higher level language activities include: Antonyms, Yes/No Questions, Word Finding, Synonyms, Categories, Auditory Processing, Analogies, Comparatives, and Auditory Comprehension.

This is an example of our advanced language exercises:

Your Language Skills Will Advance with Daily Practice!

Language Activities Level 3: DVD $49.95


Improve the ability to express yourself with confidence and the ability to better understand your family and friends!

Enhance your expressive and receptive language skills by owning a complete series of these widely-used, professional exercises.
This favorable method allows you to practice at anytime and just about anywhere.

Whether it's expressive aphasia or receptive aphasia, our Language Activities Video Series will provide you with all the essential language exercises you’ll need for success.