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Learn the successful techniques used in professional speech therapy to generate critical speech and language improvements in the comfort of your own home.

Presented in clear, easy to understand language, the topics in our menu will provide you with detailed information on specific communication disorders as well as pertinent subjects related to you or your loved one's communication skills.

You will also find valuable links to care-giver resources as well as speech-language exercises on each page to help you manage and control your situation at home.

In addition, we will introduce the latest innovation in home therapy that is helping thousands of people acquire significant gains in their speech and language skills.

This website will ...

  • Provide understanding about the injuries and diseases that cause speech disorders and language deficits
  • Define speech therapy and how it is used to help people with communication difficulties
  • Explain medical jargon related to speech pathology in everyday language
  • Deliver solutions that will bring your speech improvement to a higher level
  • Plus ... present the leading development in home speech therapy:

Professional Speech and Language Therapy on DVD

A ground-breaking concept that provides the absolute hallmarks of successful speech therapy:

  • Professionally established exercises
  • Expert presentation
  • The opportunity to practice everyday!

And now, for the first time, these successful therapeutic principals are available in video format to make effective speech-language therapy accessible and affordable to everyone!

In all, Our Goal is Two-Fold:

  • To bring you quality information on a variety of topics specific to communication disorders.

  • To provide you with valuable techniques and approaches used in professional speech therapy that will assist you in improving your speech skills and your language skills.